Bidets or Toilet Paper, What’s Best for the Environment?

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The bathroom isn’t the first word that comes to mind when discussing “eco-friendly living” or “saving the trees”, but that’s exactly why we need to talk about it.

One controversial question is, bidets or toilet paper? If you’re looking to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle, it’s worth knowing whether to wipe or wash!

What’s a Bidet?

So, what exactly is a bidet? Let’s take a lesson in French, where it actually originates from! A bidet is essentially a stream of water that is used after you’ve done your business on the toilet. It’s used as an alternative to toilet paper. Generally, they come as a separate bathroom bowl, however there are hand-held options which you can attach to your toilet. Take a look at our Premium Bidet Kit for more info.

We are passionate about the environment and we donate a portion of our profits to save endangered species (check out our support for tigers); this is why we offer our customers the best eco-friendly alternatives and ethically sustainable products that will improve your well-being and cause a real change in our natural world. All with your help of course!

The Benefits of Bidets.

Bidets offer superior cleaning compared to toilet paper, enhancing personal hygiene all while being an incredible tool to help the environment. They’re excellent in eliminating harmful bacteria and are safer for your skin, preventing rashes, irritations, and the harmful chemicals in toilet paper. Additionally, it’s perfect for the whole family with absolutely no age restrictions.

Eco-friendly usually means cost-saving, you’ll spend no more hard-earned cash on toilet paper and let’s admit it, we use more than we think!

What’s the big deal with toilet paper?

83,048,116 rolls are made per day all over the world, and approximately 810 rolls of toilet paper are made from the average tree. That’s 102,528 trees that are cut down every single day just for toilet paper!

Trees not only regulate CO2 levels but increase the number of habitats; helps soil structure; increases water supply and finally improves air quality. We need trees, so let’s help save our forests and make the switch to the eco-friendlier alternative. If that’s not enough to convince you, it’s estimated that in 100 years there will be no rainforests left if we continue our current rate of deforestation.

Bidets use water, so doesn’t that contribute to water waste? Wrong, using a bidet actually uses less water than toilet paper and here’s why.

Manufacturing toilet paper requires 473,587,500,000 gallons of water (that’s 12 to 37 gallons per roll) to produce the paper and 253,000 tons of chlorine required for bleaching (that’s the harmful chemical we were talking about!). Bidets on the other hand only used 1/8 of a gallon for cleaning and flush which is trivial in comparison. That’s enough math for today.

Other options such as recycled paper in toilet rolls seem better but they contain toxic chemicals too, studies have shown that bisphenols like BPA and BPS are linked to reproductive problems and breast cancer.

Help conserve our planet.

We strongly encourage you to make the switch to an eco-friendly and healthier alternative! Check out our premium handheld bidet kit which is easy to install and even easier to use.


  • Wow! I had no idea how much water is wasted to create a single roll of toilet paper! That shocks me! Thank you for sharing this. I’ve been thinking about switching to a bidet for a while, and this post confirms it!

    Sarah J. on

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