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Our Story

Our Story

Edward and Crystal
Founders of Raw Living Essentials

"Raw Living Essentials was created with love- to bring you beautiful eco friendly essentials that bring joy and light to your day, while dramatically improving the lives of endangered animals and influencing a movement of global change."

Edward grew up in a small city in British Columbia, Canada. He is incredibly passionate about health and nutrition, and has dedicated more than a decade of his life to learning everything he can about health and the human body. He is a seeker of knowledge and has a passionately curious nature. Edward has very warm, caring energy and possesses a heart of gold. A hug from him will transport you to another planet!

Once in a space of darkness, Edward now walks in the light. His energy is incredibly inspiring to be around; he has completely transformed his life through the power of manifestation, positive mindset and his dedication to health and personal development. For a long time, Edward was so focused on growth, that he didn’t make time for love or think he would find it. Then, he met Crystal.

Crystal grew up in the Okanagan Valley of Canada and has always felt a deep love for the wild. She possesses a very kind and empathetic nature. From a young age, she dreamed of a life where she could make a difference in the lives of animals and felt especially connected to the energy of wolves. She has rescued many animals throughout her life.

Her wild and free spirited nature guided Crystal on a 6-month journey through South East Asia with only a backpack at the age of 25. Guided by the pulls of the moon, Crystal traveled throughout Thailand and Bali and fell in love with a nomadic life of wanderlust. She has a minimalistic nature and practices sustainable living.

Her experiences in Asia opened her mind to new levels of consciousness and she felt called to live another way. However, her deep love for the life she was discovering in Bali could not match her love for Edward and she flew home to reunite with the man who held her heart. When she returned from her journey, she and Edward began developing Raw Living Essentials.

Madly in love, Edward and Crystal were so inspired by the amplified energy they share, that they decided to develop a brand together that could change the world. They are passionately driven to protect endangered wildlife and to truly make a difference for the planet while they travel the world together.

Learn more about Edward and Crystal's goals of global change and what they are doing to improve the lives of captive tigers in Thailand.